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It feels great when you lay on top of the table in the park and look up the bold pine trunks crowned with some green, swinging violently at the top.

I have driven to the restaurant and the school today making me wife less irritated and tense. However, I did witness some unexpected behaviour that comes from other drivers on the road. Now that I am driving, I will never ever walk on the side of the road again for it is almost as stupid as playing russian rulette with an excessively large drum of blanks in your revolver. I scare myself when I am behind the wheel.

Today we have procured a perfect set of software for free. Let me repeat that important keyword - free!

Windows XP Pro
Visual Studio.NET 2003
Windows 2003 Enterprise
SQL Server 2000
Some eLibrary material that came on CDs and contained development tutorials.

It is also extremely important to note that everything is 100% legal and everything we own is 100% legal. I can still smell hundreds of disks burning in a barrel from a few months ago. Going 100% OSS was more painful since everything had to be adapted and what's peculiar I have dumped Fedora Core completely in the process. Latest release ended up being quite terrible for running RDBMS like Oracle and Sybase. Ubuntu was a much better choice, but it required a lot of time invested into it. Two days ago I hosed MBR on hd0 so grub went kaput. Without having a live cd on hand it was just a tad painful trying to get grub back from a regular cd.

ASP.NET 2.0 has a pretty nifty thing provided with it - Master Pages. I read several tutorials and like the way it looks and feels after I put it to work on my own site. Now that I have access to a sweet development package I cannot be more extatic. The only thing that is sort of daunting is that the fastest system I own is a Celeron 2.4. It sucks bad. I am ready for that big pay off after the fair.

I got beaten to the punch in a contest trying to determine the brand and type of rice served at the restaraunt. She won and shame on me.
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