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So I will have a two week nightmare as far as it comes to traveling, talking to a bunch of important people, making the right decisions that affect the rest of my life, spending a buch of money on tickets and hotels, probably eating ramen noodles and peanut butter sticks for the duration, and more.

As shameful as it was I asked my mom for money because this wild dash pushes us to the wall on finances.
I will have to really control the desires to hit fastfood restaurants on any trips. If I could I would eat hardboiled eggs and drink warm water from a used gin bottle with some aftertaste.When I am in Houghton I don't need any restaurants since Patrick R. lives right next to World Foods. Fucking dumplings with some motherfucking hot chili paste. YES!

Things to do to prepare:

1.Edit and print all resumes.
2.Get suit from Marshall Fields.
3.Get a shirt+tie

1.Clean hamster cage.Fill up the bottle.Leave a stash of food.
2.Finish putting bags together.
3.Read up on Active Directory
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