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As I am about to begin a journey to the lands previously seen and unseen I am getting vivid recollections of memories from the past. There is one below that has no particular date attached to it. I only know that it was sometime between 1999 and 2001. The point being to show what things influenced me in America.

2600 Ann Arbor meeting.

This was not the first one I ever went to. I remember hanging out at the Burger King-Tower Records place. Tower Records is now gone I think. There is an arcade below too. There was plenty of general bullshit except that somebody dragged in a giant black strapon dildo from the store across the road. A few ppl tried it on which was funny to an extent. Then there was B.S.+DC monkeying with a cellphone and laptop and making it show phonecalls in the area for "purely educational purposes". Then there was "Hacking for Vishnu!" and NFF(Nick's Fucking Fone).I don't remember who was screaming out that but I didn't know nff that well to share the joy and still don't. dc occupies a special place in that memory further in the night. Somehow DC, a slightly chunky dude in a trenchcoat with an afro, ended up persuading swamptrot to drive to someplace cool and introduce us to the environment. We ended up stopping in an empty parking lot at a strip mall. Above one of the stores there was a crack warehouse. I can describe that place as a bedlam. There was lots of death metal music and the place itself was a shithole at it its very best or worst. We ended up in a partition full of other ppl doing crack, pot, and god knows what while playing drums to a deftones tape on full blast. Some asshole started putting holes in a wall with a baseball bat because "somebody was talking shit about his style". Then dc transitioned us from one cubicle to the next where we had to judge a metal opus that "wasn't finished yet" and then musicians passed the pipe among the group. Me and swamtrot obstained. Don't remember much more except dropping off dc at his folks house and then driving up the ramp the wrong way and people beeping at swamptrot.

Surprisingly dc was the driving force in my future career because I wanted to be smart like him for a short period of time. This particular memory is not very indicative of that but he epitomized of what a cool smart person would be like and behave like. Of course there was nick farr but I don't remember anything connected to that except that I almost joined in to play rat fuck card game that basically fucked your pockets. The only person that didn't inspire me at all was Denis F. Baldwin. Denis is firmly connected in my memory to an Uberzombie & Bitch tshirt, a joint stashed under the magazine in his jointly shared room, and a WinNT speech. Also cookies on top of him placed as a joke on various locations.

I kind of blended 2600 and rubicon here. I can't help it. I started to forget the important things from the old days. I better put things in writing before my mind goes work-eat-sex-sleep-work-eat-sex-sleep.
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